Friends association of the Swedish House

The Swedish student residence is a part of the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris (CIUP), which was founded with the purpose of promoting international understanding and cooperation. Do you want to support the residence and stay in contact with the house, la Cité and its past and present residents? Become a member of the Friends Association of the Swedish House in Paris.

The association was founded in 1992 as one of the first resident associations in CIUP. Over the years, the association has helped expanding the house’s library, professionally organizing its archives, as well as supporting film, theater, music and pre-reading activities. In Sweden the association organizes pleasant, informative gatherings with former residents. Further, the association organizes group visits to art exhibitions, concerts and institutions in Stockholm and in other places where former residents operate. The annual fee for 2013 is 200 SEK for individual memberships and 250 SEK for family memberships. Students and unemployed pay 100 SEK. The membership fee is inserted to the association’s postal account: 645 88 15-5. For further information, please contact Marie-Anne Lindberg by email:

L’Alliance Internationale

L’Alliance Internationale, the association of former residents of CIUP, and was founded in 1948 to “monitor and develop international cooperation and understanding” and to “create an international, multidisciplinary network that brings together students and researchers who have previously lived in CIUP in collaboration with residents who live there today”. L’Alliance Internationale is open to all former residents of CIUP and offers a variety of activities. Every other year the association hosts a large gathering in La Cité for all previous residents; Rencontres Internationales des Anciens de la Cité (RIAC). Next RIAC is to be held in the spring of 2014.