Admissions and prices

During semesters, the Swedish House is open to students who have previously completed a minimum of two years studies at university level and who intend to study at university level, conduct academic research or have an internship in Paris. The residence also welcomes Music and Art students, as well as athletes. If you are planning a shorter stay in Paris, special admission rules apply.

The maximum duration of a stay as a resident is three years, which applies to students in bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral level. All students are brought in for a maximum of one year at a time. At an extended stay, a new application has to be submitted. A higher level of studies, and a longer duration of the stay is given priority in admissions, as well as a spread in terms of studies and universities in Sweden.

If you are applying for a room in the Swedish student residence, you may be placed in one of the houses in La Cité that we have an exchange with. Half of the admitted Swedish students are placed in other residences in La Cité and in exchange, a corresponding number of students with different nationalities live in the Swedish house.  Admission requires the agreement of participating in the exchange with other houses.

Application deadlines

Application deadline for fall semester is May 31

Application deadline for spring semester is October 31

Fees academic year 2013-2014

Tarif 1

Students under 30 years who stay more than 8 months

Single room: 430 € / month

Double room (per person): 275 € / month

Studio individual: 530 € / month

Studio double (per person): 345 € / month

Tarif 2

Students over 30 years and/or who stay a semester

Single room: 485 € / month

Double room (per person): 320 € / month

Studio individual: 600 € / month

Studio double (per person): 395 € / month

Tarif 3

Students who stay less than 3 months and for researchers

Single room: 665 € / month

Double room (per person): 435 € / month

Studio individual: 770 € / month

Studio double (per person): 480 € / month

+ An additional registration fee of 60 €

Short-term and summer accommodation

We welcome students, researchers, musicians, artists and teachers for shorter stays in the residence. Different rules are applied for admission in the summer months (July-September) and for short-term stays (up to 3 months). For more information regarding summer and short-term accommodation, please contact us at